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Excellent results!

Tried out bit today. Excellent results!

It took a little while to get Marley (my horse) used to the feel of it and what he was feeling.

Once he had it he was super responsive, very light, and I had better control of his framework. I feel like I can manipulate him much better with it. 

I am very excited to ride more with it.

Aaron Wilson - Minnesota

Creates feel & sensitivity without fear or intimidation

Great tool. Shortens time for training and communication without pressure.

Also creates feel & sensitivity without fear or intimidation.

Jessica Lott - Utah

A wonderful tool my horse understands

As a dressage rider I am always working on relaxation with elasticity and suppleness in my horses.

The Compass Bit is a wonderful tool to help me achieve this in a way my horse understands,

Danielle Keoppen - Wisconsin

Colt Starting to finished horses, Compass bits are my go-to bit.

My horses are more responsive and more balanced using the Compass Snaffle bit. It brought focus and connection to my very distracted gelding,

 He went from -1/2 or 0 scores on his spins to + 1 in reining competition. He stayed focused and responsive while I showed him after training in the Compass Bit.

Thank you Compass Horse Bit Shop for improving my horse communication!

Kim Corpany - Utah

Awesome tool

I have found that the Compass Snaffle Bit is an awesome tool. I used it along with Vaughn Knudsen's methods in the roundpen to start 9 colts this winter. 

I found that it worked on all of them equally well. And some of them were potentially really tough horses.

It really made a difference in my colt program.

Clay Gorden - Oregon

A remarkable horse training tool

We used the Compass Snaffle Bit with a youth rider on a High School Barrel Racing horse. 

This bit took us from the middle of the pack to the top three standings in the State of Wyoming.

This bit is a remarkable horse training tool.

Jed Nield - Wyoming


How do I know if the Compass bit will fit my horse?

A Compass Snaffle Bit will fit all sizes and types of performance horses. The proper adjustment is in the left and right buckle of the headstall. The bit has the ability to change shape to fit narrow or wide mouthed horses when adjusted properly using the headstall.

What will the Compass Snaffle Bit do for me and my horse?

The design and integrity of the Compass Snaffle Bit will cause a horse to slow their thought and become more willing to focus on their job.

Is the Compass Bit severe or cruel?

The Compass Snaffle Bit is actually as soft and kind as the hands using any other snaffle bit. The protrusions simply deliver a message to the Zygomaticus muscle. If a rider pulls too hard on the rein, the protrusion will slip to the outside of the horse's mouth, causing no harm to the horse's mouth.

What are the advantages of using a Compass Snaffle Bit?

It shortens the learning time down without pressure or intimidation. It delivers a message to the horse faster than any other bit design on the market. 

It creates feel in your horse because it connects the inside eye with the corner of the mouth and the inside front foot.

What reins should I use on my Compass Snaffle Bit?

The Compass Snaffle Bit is designed to be used with several different types of reins. Split leather reins, mecate or horsehair reins, a closed rein, or barrel racing rein are all appropriate.

What do the protrusions on the Compass Snaffle Bit do?

The protrusions are the only means a rider has of being able to interact with the Zygomaticus muscle. 

The protrusions cause the Zygomaticus muscle of the horse's cheek to relax. This in turn changes the horse's thought from resistant to compliant. This creates a stronger and more willing connection between rider and horse. 


What kind of headstall should I use with my Compass Snaffle Bit?

We recommend a headstall with buckle adjustments on each side, This allows the rider to adjust the fit of the bit to the horse. The mouthpiece should sit right at the corner of the horse's mouth. This puts the protrusions in the best operating position.

Some riders may find that it is advantageous to punch extra holes between the adjustment holes of their headstall to allow for more precise adjustments.

Does bumping or steady pressure get the best results from the Compass Snaffle Bit?

We recommend soft, steady pressure with a release when the horse gives to the pressure. 

This will give you the most value from the design of the Compass Snaffle Bit.

Is it okay to use the Compass Snaffle on a green or young horse?

Absolutely. We have had excellent results starting a large group of colts  in the Compass Snaffle Bit.

It teaches the young horse to look through it's inside eye, and connects the eye mouth and inside foot. This makes direction from the rider more clear and understandable to the young horse. It shortens the amount of time from starting a horse to moving on to more finished maneuvers.

How to I take my Compass Bridle off?

Because horses love the Compass Snaffle Bit so much they will use their tongue to hold the mouthpiece to the roof of their mouth.

We recommend loosening the headstall by a couple of holes on each side of the horses head, causing the horse to have movement within the mouth.

Slip the headstall over the left ear and then the right ear and allow the tongue to guide to bit out through the teeth.

How do I put the Compass Snaffle Bit on my horse?

Bridle your horse with the Compass Snaffle Bit in the same way that you would put any bridle on your horse.

The protrusions are designed to fit inside the cheek muscle of your horse.

Can I use the Compass Snaffle bit on an older horse?


By using the Compass Snaffle Bit on an older horse, you will eliminate braces and resistance that have been built over the course of time.

The Compass Snaffle Bit will freshen your horse and put feel back into an older horse.

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