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Compass Horse Products

Horse Training Products that work with the design of the horse


Compass Horse Products by Vaughn Knudsen

Horse Training products work with a horse's natural instincts and physical design. 

Vaughn Knudsen's Compass Horsemanship Academy

Vaughn Knudsen's Compass Horsemanship Academy leads you through time tested foundation work which turns into the building blocks for superior finished riding maneuvers. The path you will follow will lead you to knowledge of how to keep your horse connected to you and how to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise with your horse. This Horsemanship course applies to all disciplines of riding.  No matter what your horse riding interest, you will learn skills which will improve your abilities and your horse's capabilities. 

The Compass Horse Connector

Watch the Compass Horse Connector in action!

This green horse changes and improves as we watch him riding with the Compass Horse Connector.

The Compass Snaffle Bit

A quick tutorial - how to use the Compass Snaffle Bit to create a soft, relaxed mouth and a responsive horse.


Excellent results!


Tried out bit today. Excellent results!

It took a little while to get Marley (my horse) used to the feel of it and what he was feeling.

Once he had it he was super responsive, very light, and I had better control of his framework. I feel like I can manipulate him much better with it. 

I am very excited to ride more with it.

Aaron Wilson - Minnesota

Creates feel and sensitivity without fear or intimidation


Great tool. Shortens time for training and communication without pressure.

Also creates feel & sensitivity without fear or intimidation.

Jessica Lott - Utah

A wonderful tool that my horse understands


As a dressage rider I am always working on relaxation with elasticity and suppleness in my horses.

The Compass Bit is a wonderful tool to help me achieve this in a way my horse understands,

Danielle Keoppen - Wisconsin

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Horseman Vaughn Knudsen


Vaughn Knudsen grew up in the Elko, Nevada area on his Father’s working cattle and horse ranch. 

Vaughn rode and trained horses for many years with Tom and Jim Dorrance where he gained a strong foundation for his horse training.

Born with a passion to try to understand what makes a horse tick, Vaughn has spent the past 40 years of his life in search of those answers.

He has trained and shown horses in the American Quarter Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association for over 30 years. Vaughn was responsible for the training and showing of 15 horses to their APHA and AQHA Championships. Vaughn has also trained and shown horses to earn World and Reserve World Titles as well as money won at major NRHA Competitions.

Vaughn has learned and refined horse training concepts which he has taught at major Universities, symposiums, workshops and clinics. Vaughn has taught these concepts at the University of Wisconsin, Morrisville College in upstate New York, Utah State University, University of Minnesota and others. With 40,000 people in attendance, Knudsen was the keynote speaker at the Minnesota Horse Expo. He has taught numerous private clinics across the country.

In his workshops, Vaughn teaches how to reorganize the energy balance within the horse, how to develop a deep inner connection with the horse and changing fear to curiosity, along with how to lock in a spin, build a sliding stop, lead changes, and loping round circles on a loose rein.

Vaughn Knudsen has published horse training videos, written a book, offers an online horsemanship academy, and has developed and patented new horse training products. Included in these products are the Compass Bit and the Compass Horse Connector horse training machine.


 Photo credit of Barrel Racer Jessica Lott using the Compass Snaffle Bit: 

Derek Dowsett (435)668-1187 offtopicphoto.com