Compass Snaffle Bit

Compass Horse Products by Vaughn Knudsen

Horse Training products work with a horse's natural instincts by design. 

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Excellent results!


Tried out bit today. Excellent results!

It took a little while to get Marley (my horse) used to the feel of it and what he was feeling.

Once he had it he was super responsive, very light, and I had better control of his framework. I feel like I can manipulate him much better with it. 

I am very excited to ride more with it.

Aaron Wilson - Minnesota

Creates feel and sensitivity without fear or intimidation


Great tool. Shortens time for training and communication without pressure.

Also creates feel & sensitivity without fear or intimidation.

Jessica Lott - Utah

A wonderful tool that my horse understands


As a dressage rider I am always working on relaxation with elasticity and suppleness in my horses.

The Compass Bit is a wonderful tool to help me achieve this in a way my horse understands,

Danielle Keoppen - Wisconsin

the Compass Snaffle Bit

A quick introduction to the Compass Snaffle Bit and how it works.