Compass Horse connector

 The Compass Horse Connector designed by 

Vaughn Knudsen teaches a horse to change the arc in it's backbone when it changes direction and give purpose to the horse's work as it learns. This is an example of a green horse with only a handful of rides and the changes in it's attitude and responsiveness when worked on the Compass Horse Connector. 

More about the Compass Horse Connector


Horses learn to change their arc quickly!


The Compass Horse Connector teaches both horse and rider to achieve the correct alignment of a horse’s body for optimal performance in any discipline. The horse develops the ability to move with its spine aligned in a 30 degree arc and to change that arc as it changes direction. This creates a balanced frame in the horse for all maneuvers.


Quickly create a complete connection between horse and rider!


The Compass Horse Connector rotates 360 degrees, can change speed, come to a complete stop and change direction. 

The rider guides the horse to follow the flag or placard which is attached to the outermost end of the radius arm, speeding up, slowing down, stopping, and changing direction to follow the movement of the flag or placard. 


Improves the balance, frame, and agility of horses and riders from beginner to advanced.

 The Compass Horse Connector can be used to teach a horse a number of skills, including following a cow and achieving optimal balance in an unlimited number of performance situations.